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There are many companies selling the goods that looks similar to yours, why should we buy from Net Sportswear ?
Source:Net Sportswear Ltd Time: Time:2015-07-14 14:24:01

We have been manufacturing and selling outdoor clothing for ten years, we are very clear about the market trend and we know very well what customers are looking for.

As a producer, we can offer you the ’ net ’ price directly from a factory, no more cost in between.

To produce perfect outdoor clothes, there will be many technic and material details to be concerned, such as fabric hand feeling, style fitting, colors, designs and so on. With long term manufacturing experience ,we have comprehensive knowledge as how and what to do to work out the best solution for our customers in the most economical way.

We are very serious for the orders on hand, to keep punctual delivery of the orders, in many case, we have to say " sorry no " to the orders coming late in case our production capacity is full.

we have a very strict production planning and controling system to supervise the production status on the daily basis, to make sure that we can deliver our products to customers on time.

We are always willing to assist small buyers who is growing and need more help from the patient suppliers, we would like to support them with our experience and knowledge of design, materials, technics and sampling to ensure they start in the right direction.

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