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I like the styles and workmanship of your products but I feel your quoation is a bit far from our target, do you have any way to solve the problem ?
Source:Net Sportswear Ltd Time: Time:2015-07-15 11:56:59

The cost of an outdoor jacket or pants is mainly composed of fabric, accessories and labor .

Fabrics and accessories cost depend a lot on their functionality and brand, for example, nylon taffeta with the functionality of water proofness 10000mm and breathablity 10000g is about 3 times more expensive than the normal without any treatment. Compared with normal brand, if we buy Goretex fabric, the price will doubled or tripled.

Labor cost depend lot on the technics of clothes, for example, seamless welded zipper pockets with laser-cut openning is 3 times more expensive than the normal ones, a jacket with full seam sealed will cost much more than the one with critical seam sealed or without.

The simple way to solve this problem is that we design a model for your prupose and you just let’s know the below information:

1. what’s the price you are willing to pay for

2. what’s the purpose the clothing will be used for

3. The critial fabric functionality and workmanship you need

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