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I would like to make salesman samples ( s/s ) for next season, what is your policy for salesman samples ?
Source:Net Sportswear Ltd Time: Time:2015-07-15 11:59:51

We quote price for your s/s firstly, if the price agreeded, we start sample making. Also, we need to sign sales confirmation for s/s with customers to finalize terms such as price, the cost of the letover materials and delivery date.

Because the cost of s/s making is much higher than normal order, for the price of s/s, generally, we will charge 50% more on the basis of our quoation.

The cost of leftover fabric caused due to s/s making will be on the account of customers, if the whole or certain leftover fabric can be used for bulk orders late, the cost of the fabric will be deducted accordingly from the payment of the bulk orders.

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